Drupal Global Training & First time Contribution 2020-0208

Sat, 08 Feb 2020 10:10 - 17:30 JST

Co-working space Kayabacho Co-Edo

PA Build. 5F, 1-3-4, Shinkawa, Chou, Tokyo


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First time Contribution Workshop Free
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Learn hands-on from beginner to experienced "Global Training & First time Sprinters"


Free! Twitter hashtag #DrupalGTD #LearningDrupal

Beginner course

For beginners and those who want to review, simply explain the installation and basic functions of Drupal 8, page creation, multilingual function, mobile compatibility, content type function, etc., and provide educational materials (travel tour information site) for the first time I will prepare it.If you are not in the Tokyo area, you can also participate in Skype.

Mentor Sprint

In the "Mentor Sprint" style, from beginners to existing users, you will learn Drupal problems, technical information, various development issues, etc. in consultation with supporters. It also supports front-end development languages such as Angular, Vue.JS, React, Ruby, and how to create a backend with Drupal's REST JSON API and GraphQL module.

First time Contribution Workshop

Learn the Docker-based Drupal development environment Drupal First time Contribution Workshop

What you want to know on the day

Please send you want to know at contact to Doorkeeper Contact page

Supporters wanted

Recruiting supporters (volunteers) for this event, anyone is OK depending on their experience! Please contact to Doorkeeper Contact page


「Beginner course」 People who want to review for the first time

  • Interested in open source CMS
  • Want to build Web services and business systems with CMS
  • I want to know and use Drupal
  • I want to learn Drupal 8
  • Want to create or renew a company or organization website
  • Want to have your own homepage, renew
  • I want to build a website for smartphones!

「Mentor Sprint」 Front-end engineer, already using CMS or Drupal

  • People who are interested in Decoupled Drupal
  • People who want to know REST API and JSON API DrupalのContentaReservoir
  • People who are interest Decoupled Drupal with GraphQL and React
  • Frontend technician or interested
  • Someone who uses or has experience with Drupal
  • Interested in open source CMS
  • I want to know more about Drupal and want to use it
  • Backup and update of OS and Drupal
  • I want to know about Drupal, etc.

「First time Contribution Workshop」For engineers using Drupal

  • I want to use Docker / Kubernetes based Drupal
  • I want to contribute to the community, including Drupal cores, modules, and documentation
  • I want to know information and how to share information such as bugs and patches of Drupal cores and modules.

  • References:First time Sprinters Workshop 資料 >> Download

event photo

★ time table

Time   Beginner Course   Contribution & Mentor Sprint
10:00 Opening / Reception starts Same as left
10:10 Opening contact Same as left
10:15 Introducing the features of Drupal Association and Drupal Same to the left
10:30 Install Docker / kubernetes based Drupal 8 on PC, explain teaching materials Same as left
10:45 Basic operations, page creation / editing, etc. Learn the Drupal development environment
12:00 ** Lunch break ** Same as left
13:00 Upload photos and documents, add modules, set up multiple languages, etc. Learn about the development community contribution
15:00 ** Break ** Same as left
15:15 About design themes and distributions Learn how to bug and patch
16:30 Exchange views while sharing the results of the beginner course Same to the left
17:00 What I want to know Q & A Everyone Same on the left
17:15 Participant Survey From Here Same as left
18:00 Exchange meeting by applicant (scheduled: around Kayabacho Station) Same as left

This event is based on the open source CMS Drupal Community Drupal Code of Conduct.
Drupal Global Training Day at Drupal Association Blog 「Overcoming challenges faced by Drupal events organizers」

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